Clock ticks toward midnight for Steelers, T.J. Watt

As it relates to the T.J. Watt contract impasse, the clock is striking 12. Literally.

The Steelers will practice today at roughly 12:15 p.m. ET. If Watt doesn’t have a new deal, he may not be there. If he’s not there, he may not play on Sunday.

The problem continues to be the refusal of the team to abandon its refusal to fully guarantee money beyond the first year of a veteran deal. Apparently, the Steelers don’t want to set a new precedent for Watt.

But here’s the reality. If/when another player says, “But you did it for T.J. Watt!” the response would be, “Play like T.J. Watt, and we’ll do it for you.”

Stay tuned to PFT throughout the day for news on whether the Steelers do, or don’t, figure out how to end an unexpectedly protracted hold-in from one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.